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Who said that Your Oven
should I live hidden in the kitchen?

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horno de leña italiaforni en montere
pizzeria el italiano
wood oven pizza
forno a legna
horno de leña
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   What benefits you view an oven:

  • Indirect invest in Marketing (your customers remember you more).

  • Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  • The timeout Your customers are halved.

  • The synonym for "Pizzeria Italiana" is a wood oven.

Hornos de leña

It does not look like this!


Traditional Wood Oven Pizza in Stone or Refractario (are different names to define the same oven), it is definitely more digestible. The three types of heat present in the oven and minimize cooking time, allow moisture to evaporate and oxygen trapped in the dough.
This gives us a light product, with a thin mesh glutínica and easy digestion.

Why in all the world powers always use a pizza oven or wood Refractario? The answer is simple: the results in flavor, aroma and texture obtained with this type of oven do not compare with others.
Because they are sophisticated, a wood oven is unique.


With Oven Refractario can serve hot and Rustic Bread Focaccia every day and avoid waste, recycling the remaining masses.
The Pizzero in the morning prepares classic rustic breads and during the service prepares the moment Focaccia of all kinds. The excess dough is frozen and used the next day. Oven Refractario is always on and is a source of heat always present, so the freshly made bread is not a problem.

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