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Fabricamos Hornos de Leña Rotatorios tambien A GAS ,tambien fabricamos Hornos mixtos .

When should an oven rotating base?
If you sell more than 30 to 40 pizzas a day. You can save a helper.
It is more practical in large productions.
It allows for more even cooking.
You can build more pizzas or dishes outside without worrying about what you have inside the oven.
If you have an all inclusive hotel, a place with a lot of influx in certain hours or days or if you have a meeting room ... this is your oven.


Gran Produccion Con Nuestro Horno de Leña ,Horno de Gas o Mixto con Base Giratoria
Hornos de leña para gran productividad .
Hornos rotatorios de leña
Somos fabricantes de Hornos de Piedra para mas de 22 paises
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